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Wittering Surf Shop was born from a love of the beach and the surf lifestyle. 

It all started back in the 60’s when the first surfers visited the area. East Wittering beach was no Fistral but it did the job in between trips further afield. Some of the original surfers from those early days still live in the Witterings or nearby..

Nick learnt to surf at a young age in the 80’s, inspired by the visiting surfers and ever growing group of fanatical locals.

In 2005 the family Pet shop made a metamorphosis into a small surf shack where Nick started the journey into the retail surf industry. By 2009 Wittering Surf Shop was in full swing and Drift-In Surf Café was born. The two spaces complemented each other and the café brought a new family element to the clientele using Nick's surf shop.

The Wittering Surf brand came about as a way of connecting with those customers. Nick had a vision of creating a brand which would mean he was less reliant and dictated to by the mass surf culture. Family, the beach lifestyle and the love of vintage surfboards, cars, bikes and motorbikes have all influenced the building of the brand to this day.

Things started small, firstly kitting the café and surf shop staff out in the product as promotion but has slowly culminated in a full range of sustainable, organic ‘Wittering Surf’ clothing, accessories, wetsuits and homewares that you see in-store and online today.


Stop by and visit us:

11-15 Shore Road

East Wittering

West Sussex

PO20 8DY


Tel: 01243 672292



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