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In 2012 we launched our very own radio station!

All our music is license-free and we use local and unsigned artists helping them on the road to success. By doing this we allow businesses to avoid paying the costs associated with having music licences.

For Businesses
Drift-In Radio lets you listen to uninterrupted, jingle-free music everyday, to suit your clientele at a FRACTION of the cost of other solutions.

Bringing you great ambient listening for your shop, office, restaurant, cafe, warehouse or anywhere music will benefit customers or staff. If you run a business or know someone who does, then contact us for more information.

For Musicians
If you're a un-signed Musician and would like to get yourself heard by hundreds of people, for free, then we'd love to hear from you. Get in touch using the contact form.


there was a surf shop and cafe which was being pestered by PRS for Music to pay royalty fees for playing music to their customers.

A friend said "Did you know you don't have to pay royalties if you only play licence free music?"

The owner was amazed and said "How can that be possible?"

"Well" said the friend, "you could start your own internet radio station to play just the sort of music you like to your customers!"

And so Drift-In Radio was born,

...and they all lived happily ever after.

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