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You see, Wittering Surf Shop hasn't always just been here in the guise you see now... it is the culmination of a fair few years of hard work, wheeling 'n' dealing and forward thinking on the part of the omni-present Mr Cheshire. 

Back in 2004 Wittering Surf Shop was nothing more than a twinkle in Nick's eye having returned from Australia and going back to working in his Dad's pet shop located at 13 Shore Road, East Wittering  Nick dreamed of having his own surf shop whilst sweeping the pet shop floor for the 5th time that day.

And so the story goes....Nick decided to rebuild a storage shed at the back of the pet shop to carry out surfboard repairs and sell a few second hand surfboards whilst helping his Dad in the shop. There was only so many times a day that the floor could be swept or bird seed be scooped and so, the resourceful Mr Cheshire went about creating a little shed so he could occupy some  of his day with something to do with surfing... At this time I think it would be safe to say that 'Retro Groove Surf Shop' as it was known then and Wittering Pet Store were the only pet shop come surf shop in the country, probably in the world! 

In 2005 it was time for Nick’s Dad to retire and they decided to sell the Pet Shop but keep the premises for Nick to start his surf shop. And Wittering Surf Shop was born…

As many of our regular customers will be aware Wittering Surf Shop has had many revamps over the years, some which you will be able to see in the pictures on this page. Our most recent addition to the surf shop is our cafe which you can find adjacent to the shop at 11 Shore Road, East Wittering.

It is because of these humble beginnings back in 2004 that Wittering Surf Shop remains unique to this day always striving to be the best we can be.

Press & Events

We've had some great press over the years too.

'George the Pet Shop owner's son Nick returned from Australia and set up a surf shop in the storage shed round the back. You'd catch glimpses of gleaming surf boards between the fusty sacks of animal food - it was the only pet/surf shop in the country.George retired a year later, and the village pulse quickened as Wittering Surf Shop emerged from the storage shed, rapidly doubled in size and, this year, won Coast Magazine's best new business by the sea award'

Jane Rushbridge, 5th August 2009

'Sunday 19th October saw hundreds of surfers descend on East Wittering for the Wittering Surf Shop and A1 surf Retro Board Challenge.

Around 50 competitors from across the South Coast and further afield, battled it out on the waves, which were at first on the small side, but by the latter stages the surf was a contestable couple of feet.

Hundreds of spectators watched the likes of Spiderman, King Neptune and a bridesmaid surf on some classic retro boards to try and progress through to the final. The fleet of retro boards were put forward by Nick Cheshire of Wittering Surf Shop.' 

A1, October 2009

'Our judging panel admired the way Wittering Surf Shop involved the community, sponsoring local children as ‘team riders', and went the extra mile to bring surfing to a wider audience with demos and lessons.'

So, to round it all up... Our newly expanded store offers an extensive line of surfboards, wetsuits and accessories, as well as emerging and major lifestyle clothing brands... All at un-beatable prices.'

Coast Magazine, 2009

The team at Wittering Surf Shop are all really passionate about what they do and this will be evident to you when you visit us instore. We pride ourselves on our friendly nature, knowledge and helpful advice. And.. as all the members of staff actually surf, we can guarantee that what we are saying to you is what you need to hear.